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Sailors conduct a training exercise at the Expeditionary Medical Facility  onboard Naval Base Guam 200514-N-SS432-2052 200514-N-SS432-2022 200514-N-SS432-1012 200514-N-EC658-1007 200514-N-EC658-1018 A Marine backloads an AAV Sailors prepare to lift a tent during construction of a 150-bed expeditionary medical facility at Naval Base Guam. 200413-N-SS432-0019 200413-N-CO914-1038 200415-N-CO914-1296 A U.S. Marine Corps Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement is loaded onto the cargo ship USNS Dahl Marines offload equipment for an expeditionary medical facility from the USNS Dahl U.S. Navy Sailors keep tension on lines as an Improved Navy Lighterage System power module is lifted by a crane Airmen set up modular tents as part of an Emergency Medical Support system at Naval Hospital Guam 200414-N-EC658-1022 200414-N-EC658-1034 200410-N-SS432-1088 200407-N-SS432-0021 200131-N-SS432-0030 200422-M-LR229-0088 200421-N-EC658-1080 200421-N-SS432-1013 200421-N-EC658-1067 200421-N-EC658-1060 200411-N-CO914-1055 200411-N-CO914-1126 200411-N-CO914-1074 200411-N-SS432-1062 200411-N-EC658-1075
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