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Desfile: Zapping Fashion Day CLF 2019 (234) Love has no boundaries, no borders to cross Go out and try your luck, you might be Donald Duck Reina de Coba Santa Clara Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere Watch you weave then breathe your story lines Let's get together, how 'bout a quarter to ten Quick, pop your mirrored sunglasses on, My little leather-winged lover. Hairy Legs Segundo Quel Horny Devil With the sweetest burst of melody I know goes the piccolo Pequeña Vaquera Let It Whip What will my friends think if I kill my pride I Love a Parade He marched with spear in hand Andinukuna Ecuador Danza Latinoamericana First comes love Pillaro Dios Mio! ¡Mirad! Dance with the Devil Get a load of that rack The Veiled Mask Looking into the Eyes of the Devil Those devil lips that know so well the art of lying Prefectura I remember sweetness in my childhood
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