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The Spectacles (Arches National Park)

The Spectacles (Arches National Park)

I captioned this image based on something I'd read on the Arches National Park site how these two arches when seen a little ways back to actually look like a pair of glasses with the separation they have across this sandstone fin. With the flow of landscape to my front, I found it easy to angle my SLR camera such that the two arches (South Window on the left; North Window, right) lined up to the upper portion of the image. As with other locations in the Windows Section, it was very difficult to find any times where no people were exploring and walking around. Keeping those "ant people" did allow for an important perspective in just how tall and big these wonders of nature truly are!

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Photo prise le 10 octobre 2017 (© thor_mark  / Flickr)

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