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The Road Traveled (Arches National Park)

The Road Traveled (Arches National Park)

The Road Traveled.
Across the black of asphalt I traveled from near to far,
From the Fiery Furnace to the Salt Valley below
The rolling landscape covered with boulders and sandstone
Plants and animals roamed wild and free
So while a desert, it teemed with life on a road traveled.

Another work of short poetry or prose to complement the image captured one afternoon in Arches National Park from the Salt Valley Overlook. The view is a look to the southeast across a varied terrain and landscape of Arches National Park with the La Sal Mountains as the far off backdrop to complete this setting. The road itself I visualized as a complement to this image as both a leading line and a way to imagine sight seen for anyone driving and taking in the views.

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Photo prise le 11 octobre 2017 (© thor_mark  / Flickr)

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