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The Caves Have Eyes

The Caves Have Eyes

The Milky Way above a sandstone rock that looks like a skull at the Anza-Borrego Desert Wind Caves.

I illuminated the exterior of the sandstone caves using a white LED and the "eyes" are lit via an orange-red glowstick. Shot with a Canon 6D and Tokina 17-35mm lens at 28mm 20 sec f/4 ISO 3200.

The weather conditions were prefect for shooting this night - almost no wind, clear skies, and very low humidity.

"On the eastern edge of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park lies Split Mountain, the Carrizo Badlands, and a feature known as the Wind Caves. Here, the exposed sandstone of the marine beds from the five-million-year-old Imperial Formation have been slowly eroded by wind into fantastic shapes that evoke whimsical images of boats with portholes, spaceships, and even the fictional town of Bedrock, hometown of the prehistoric Flintstone family."[1]

1. San Diego Reader / The Canyoneers. Canyoneers are San Diego Natural History Museum volunteers trained to lead interpretive nature walks that teach appreciation for the great outdoors.

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Photo taken on 7 June 2018 (© slworking2 / Flickr)

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