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Hidden Behind an Old Tree (Black & White, Arches National Park)

Hidden Behind an Old Tree (Black & White, Arches National Park)

While enjoying some time walking around the Balanced Rock, I noticed one photographer seemingly hiding behind this tree while facing the iconic rock formation. I walked over to see what he was capturing with his SLR camera. It was then that he pointed out this location, and I truly appreciated the view and artistic setting with an old tree. In my mind, I saw this as a black & white and decided to try out a technique I'd read about and try to practice from time to time: using LiveView and setting my Nikon SLR camera to capture the image in monochrome. I found it so much easier to focus on the tonal contrasts and shapes to compose this image. I later used some control points in Capture NX2 to bring out the brightness and contrast I wanted across the nearby foreground with trees and large bushes with that of the Balanced Rock.

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Photo prise le 10 octobre 2017 (© thor_mark  / Flickr)

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