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A Crystalline Hug

A Crystalline Hug

A crystalline hug at Burning Man, 2018. This was a really fun and cruisey year! I think I got about 8,000 photos and just now going through them all. I had no internet the whole time, but now slowly getting back into civilization. All my stuff is super dirty and it's been a small eternity since I've showered! Anyway, I have all kinds of crazy stories and it's been a long time since I laughed so hard with my friends. I laughed so much it feels like a week-long pilates class! Okay... back to organizing my stuff for real life again... and looking forward to a shower!
#BurningMan #BurningMan2018

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Photo prise le 3 septembre 2018 (© Trey Ratcliff / Flickr)

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