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Stone Shark Sunset in Swakopmund Waiting for the train that never came House Finch Page - Power Plant Navajo - Afterglow in Monument Valley Small Ibex in Israel - Negev Desert Somewhere near Hawker in SA Haboob (dust storm) heads north just west of the Salton Sea Burning Man Expression Desert Landscape Setting Along Hohokam Road (Black & White, Saguaro National Park) Clear Skies Above for a Mountainous Backdrop of Saguaro Cactus (Saguaro National Park) The Old Timer Grand Canyon A Parking Lot View from Near to Far (Black & White, Saguaro National Park) Saguaro Cactus with a Backdrop of the Tucson Mountains (Black & White, Saguaro National Park) Sunset in Lençois Great Pyramid of Giza also known as Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu day 14: thankful for... job creation DSC_7139 Sundown Kolob Canyon Overlook Sunrise at Dune 45 Milky Water: Milky Way and Old Railroad Water Tower Drive By Burning Man Mask Just Another Day in Paradise “Like madness is the glory of this life.” ―William Shakespeare 🌅 Purple Skies! day 13: thankful for... a father's legacy
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