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Red Rock Cottonwood Factory Butte The line between life and death Cooking in Cali Summer Tanager In the desert with clipped wings Arizona Train The genie is out of the bottle When All the Time You Changed My Mind Trip to Arizona Dust Storm. Moody Dunes Milky Way at The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia And Everything I'd Loved and Feared Had All at Once Disappeared I've been through the desert Toronto Ontario - Canada  - Allan Gardens Botanical Gardens - The Most Unique Irises Chula Vista, CA Milky Way at The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia Milky Way Over Marslike Badlands Early morning fog over the desert; San Pedro River Valley, AZ Mammillaria herrerae Sage and Red Sand Spring in Big Bend Summer Milky Way - The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia Portal to Another Dimension Rain Over the Contrabando Watershed Chimney Rock at Day's End Long-billed Thrasher Top of the desert selfie
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