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Fuerteventura.island - Paso Bueno

Three Days in the Desert

Towering Walls as a Backdrop for a Border with Mexico and the Rio Grande

Robot Formation

Using a Mountainside a a Frame for Peaks of the Chisos Mountains (Big Bend National Park)

Source de vie végétale

Quick, make a wish!

Milky Way and Palm Trees In the Wind at Corn Springs

Desert Sky, Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree NP 4-13

Southern Africa | Südliches Afrika

Southern Africa | Südliches Afrika

Mono penstemon, Penstemon monoensis

Singing Sands

A torrent of water

Who would like to join?

Cool Cactus🌵

The temple burns the past away as they embrace.

Puppet Train

Desert Palm Trees and the Milky Way at Corn Springs, California

Bushes and stones

On the road to the Mount Teide (again)

Colorful Exposed Tilapia Nests at the Salton Sea

Into the Clouds

The Desolate Space

The Polar Bear

My new favorite travel bag...

Plaza Blanca, New Mexico

whispering bells, Emmenanthe penduliflora var. penduliflora

Shot by Mary as I videoed

Monument Valley, Navajo Nation, AZ 2009

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