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A wine glass, a playa, and a moon Short lower perspective time-lapse of the Milky Way and Palm Trees at Corn Springs, California Antelope Sand Falls Slanted Land, San Rafeal Swell, UT 7-13 Three Days in the Desert Towering Walls as a Backdrop for a Border with Mexico and the Rio Grande Quick, make a wish! Desert Sky, Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree NP 4-13 Mono penstemon, Penstemon monoensis Sunset on Nile Hickman's Reflection Desert Palm Trees and the Milky Way at Corn Springs, California On the road to the Mount Teide (again) Skating rink The Orb Chimney Rock, New Mexico Sun Orb Coyote least snapdragon, Antirrhinum kingii Blanding, UT Chimney Rock, New Mexico Just Taking What Nature is Willing to Give... (Arches National Park) You'll Never Remember the Time Spent Working at the Office... (Arches National Park) Autumn Colors in the Chisos Mountains (Big Bend National Park) Crocodile Kazakhstan | Krokodil Kasachstan Boxcabs at work Winslow, AZ Heavenly Riches Morning After (p) Arne's Royal Hawaiian Motel
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