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Light Painting at Sunrise Yucca Beginning of the Trail Camping Under the Milky Way At The Twilight's First Gleaming Grounded Scattered Bones Sunrise in Terlingua Cemetary Joshua Trees & Rocks, J. Tree NP 4-13 Luna's Jacal On the game drive Border, Eth/Kenya Abandoned motel in Beatty, Nevada Need a Ride? Valley of Fire Layers 5777 B A Morning Portrait of Casa Grande Peak (Big Bend National Park) Detail - Bell Rock Covington. Stairway to Petroglyphs, Valley of Fire, NV 2014 Cholla Monochrome Maintenance Room in Burro Schmidt Tunnel (B/W) Centered and on a Road Trip Hidden Behind an Old Tree (Black & White, Arches National Park) County truck . 3/31/2018 Faces in Stone - Explored Sandstone cove; above Labyrinth Canyon, Utah Currents of Air Move Wisps of White (Arches National Park) Don't Tiptoe Through Life to Arrive at Death (Arches National Park) Red Rock Canyon Nevada 5879 C Badlands North of Terlingua Prairie Rattlesnake (Crotalus viridis viridis); Dixie NF, UT
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