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Mammillaria theresae

Union Pacific Railroad Crossing, Niland, CA

Milky Way Over Alien Rocky Desert Landscape

I Could Never Understand Why You Chose That Place to Meet

Mojave Sunset

Fly me to the Moon. HDR

White Sands National Monument

A Late Morning View Across the Chihuahuan Desert to Peaks of the Sierra del Carmen (Big Bend National Park)

Cemented in time

trailers for sale or rent

Stone Walls

"Shelter me from the powder and the finger..."

Mule Ears

Desert Serpent

Terlingua Creek

Valley of Fire 5817 B

Faces in Stone - Explored

Light Painting at Sunrise


Beginning of the Trail


Scattered Bones

Sunrise in Terlingua Cemetary

Joshua Trees & Rocks, J. Tree NP 4-13

Luna's Jacal

Desert Sphinx

Framing the Moon

Desert Flowers

Camping Under the Milky Way At The Twilight's First Gleaming

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