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Mohave Desert, CA. USA.

0990ex2 Kaibab views

Folds of the Earth (Big Bend National Park)

Glory of Texas

Drive Around the World of Arizona

Rushed Decisions

Milky Way over Nambung Desert, Western Australia

Un atardecer para dos

Gray fox kits

Mt. San Gorgonio from Joshua Tree NP, CA 2017

When You're Sitting Back in Your Rose Pink Buick Roadmaster

Desert Basin

Dreams Never Die When We Sleep

They Climbed Aboard Their Starship And Headed For The Skies

Morenci Mine; NW of Clifton, AZ

Crossed Beds

Desert Dawn


Sculptured Hills

Bridge Over the Desert

Heavy Metal

A Morning Portrait of Casa Grande Peak (Black & White, Big Bend National Park)

A Grassy Meadow, Trees and a View Beyond to The Pinnacles


Bardenas Reales

Gazing fox

There's Nothing Like Waking Up to a View of Casa Grande! (Big Bend National Park)

A Look Across the Chisos Basin Area to Peaks of the Chisos Mountains (Black & White, Big Bend National Park)

Union Pacific Railroad

Time Portal

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