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A Lazy Lizard Afternoon Expanse Framing the Moon Yellow Bee Plant (Cleome lutea); Three Canyon side canyon, UT Grand Staircase Escalante - Skies in Blue Faces in Stone - Explored Color Contrasts of Browns, Yellows and Greens in the Towering Peaks of the Boquillas Canyon and Sierra del Carmen (Big Bend National Park) Sandstone Sunrise.  Morning breaks over the narrow canyons and towering red cliffs known as the Firey Furnace section of Arches National Park near Moab, Utah Turbinicarpus bonatzii MZ 587 Lost Mine Peak Beyond the Hillsides and Mountainsides (Big Bend National Park) Boot Rock Just Beyond the Trees (Big Bend National Park) Picket Post Mountain Sunset in the Desert Sofa In The Desert You Told Me Life Was a Risk Echinomastus warnockii (or maybe mariposensis) ROUGH RIDE North Window Arches National Park 2 More Star Trails at San Diego's Valley of the Moon Oh Moon How You Hang So High Above a Delicate Arch San Diego's Valley of the Moon Star Trails Terlingua Creek Towering Over All Sunrise in Terlingua Cemetary Luna's Jacal Desert Dodge Sandstone cove; above Labyrinth Canyon, Utah Red Rock Canyon Nevada 5879 C Centered and on a Road Trip Joshua Tree Blossom
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