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Magellanic Clouds - Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

A Deer Crossing in Arches National Park

Erg Chegaga

Zabriskie Point 2573 C

Saguaro cactus and stars

Desert scene at night

Saguaro Cactus Star Trail

Desert moonset

Sandstone Fins Cutting Across the Utah High Desert (Arches National Park)

Moriarty, NM

Night Sky at The Pinnacles Desert - Western Australia

A Far Off View to the Partition Arch (Arches National Park)

Maria Zaikina | cover illustration for LECHAIM magazine #321 (Moscow)

Carina Nebula - Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

Good and Evil in the Garden of the Devil...And a Landscape Arch (Arches National Park)

Emigrant Pass 2501 A

Blue Skies Above the Double O Arch (Arches National Park)

Biker Parties

Amargosa Hotel Mural 2327 C

Scratch That Itch

The Primitive Trail of the Devils Garden (Arches National Park)

Touristen sehen sich den Sonnenuntergang über Mui Ne, Vietnam von den roten Sanddünen aus an

Sand rieselt aus geschlossener Faust, im Hintergrund Wüstensand und der Sonnenuntergang – Bokeh Aufnahme

A lonely Joshua tree in the Mojave Desert

A Gathering of Sandstone Fins (Arches National Park)

The Moon Over Arches National Park

Desert Sky

North Star Trails Over a Pair of Ocotillo

Sun Peek Valley of Fire 2737 B

A Tonal Contrast Between Sandstone and Blue Skies (Black & White, Arches National Park)

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