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The Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo, Egypt. <b>National Bird.</b>  I could hear a plane in the sky, but I couldn’t locate it... until the drone had already began to leave. Sneaky sneaky Green River Tunnels - Hwy l-80 - Lincoln Highway Joshua Tree National Park Marriot Mena House, Giza, Egypt. Near The End (p) Can you find the wine glass? Star Trails Behind Palm Trees at Corn Springs, California The Temple from Above Bryce Canyon - Sunrise Panorama (Explored, 24 sept 2018, #316) Bryce Canyon - Overview Panorama (Explored, 24 sept 2018, #356) A wine glass, a playa, and a moon Driving towards the desert camp, with help of GPS Antelope Sand Falls Windows South and North (Arches National Park) Three Days in the Desert Towering Walls as a Backdrop for a Border with Mexico and the Rio Grande Robot Formation Tantalizing Texture Using a Mountainside a a Frame for Peaks of the Chisos Mountains (Big Bend National Park) Flying tissu Pillars of trance Joie retrouvée Digital Pastel Drawing of the Sierra Ancha Range by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Perfect Day, Joshua Tree National Park Bryce Canyon - Bryce Canyon Horizon Pano Slanted Land, San Rafeal Swell, UT 7-13 Fuerteventura.island - Paso Bueno Random agaves Time organisation
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