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Moonlit Milky Way in Painted Canyon

Abandoned Salton Sea Naval Station Moonlit Milky Way Panorama

You Told Me Life Was a Risk

Saguaro Cactus Along a Mountainside of Blackett's Ridge (Black & White)

Wadi Rum Camp

Desert flower

San Juan - Bare Country

A Rugged Hillside of Rocks, Boulders and Saguaro Cactus (Black & White)

Like the Winter We Spent on Lake Shasta Alone

Paoay sand dunes

A Friend in California

So There I Was Driving Along a Road in Big Bend National Park...

Maybe Next Time Will be the Right Time

Desert View Power

Express truck to Nouadhibou

Palm Springs, CA

From the Shores of the Rio Grande and the Sierra Ponce Cliffs (Big Bend National Park)


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States Of America

Signs of Life

Gambel's Quail

Gila Woodpecker

San Juan - Dry Desert

San Juan - Table Top

Lucy's Warbler

Bullock's Oriole

Canyon Contours

Crested Saguaro Along with a Hillside of Many Other Saguaro Cactus (Black & White, Saguaro National Park)

On the Garwood Trail in Saguaro National Park (Black & White)

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