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700K HYPE! James and his record Matt brings me my dilly bar Shame tickets on the fridge Dance Party Ash watches from comms Paul Driving the Bus remember when Rose headbanged a man to death? Notes from Comms (so many!) Butts Rosé Quartz Okay hand sign emoji Behave or Gritty will cut you Notes from Sanic What is sleep, precious? King (Matt) Arthur The Witch Trial from The Holy Grail Kate drives the bus Ian dances onto the stage Everyone has silly hats Fugi on the floor Dance Party Hardcover Desert Bus 2017 photo book! Experiment: can you trigger an RDP from OUTSIDE? Puhing the button (Outside) IT WORKED! A Natural Bridge Reflected Falling Water and Fallen Leaves Life Lessons Up on the Rooftop, Click Click Click
Mots clés associés à desert:
 landscape, sand, sky, arizona, nature, mountains, cactus, clouds, california, road
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