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Across the Desert Grassland to Sandstone Columns and Pillars with the Needles Skyline Beyond (Canyonlands National Park) A Deer Crossing in Arches National Park Good and Evil in the Garden of the Devil...And a Landscape Arch (Arches National Park) Looking Across Utah Landscape to Bridger Jack Mesa (Bears Ears National Monument) My Travel Paintings - Manti-La Sal National Forest and Mountains A Look Across Some Grasslands to Cliff Walls and Peaks You'll Never Remember the Time Spent Working at the Office... (Arches National Park) Sandstone Fins Across the Utah Landscape (Arches National Park) The Wooden Shoe Arch and Other Arches, Spires, Knobs, and Fins (Canyonlands National Park) The Road Ahead or The Road Behind Castleton Tower and a Look of the American West Sandstone Fins and a Tunnel Arch (Arches National Park) The Road Traveled (Arches National Park) Fins of Sandstone and Yellows of Flowers (Arches National Park) Merrimac and Monitor Buttes Life on the High Desert Utah in the Presence of the La Sal Mountains A Perspective of Height Church Rock (Black & White) It Never Hurts to Have a Mountain Backdrop! (Arches National Park) Life on the High Desert Utah in the Presence of the La Sal Mountains (Black & White) It's Difficult...and It's Fun! (Arches National Park) Lights and Shadows Cast Across the Utah Landscape (Arches National Park) Postcard and the Moon (Black & White, Arches National Park) The Antidote to Exhaustion Isn't Rest, It's Nature (Arches National Park) Towering Cliff Walls of the Fish Lake Plateau Church Rock in the Early Morning Hours Currents of Air Move Wisps of White (Arches National Park) The Scenic View View of Mesa and Canyon of the Indian Creek Corridor (Bears Ears National Monument) Heading off to the La Sal Mountains Church Rock
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