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Sunset on the Aguja Crossing the High Atlas mountains in Morocco Looking Across the Rugged Mountainside from the South Rim (Big Bend National Park) Roll the Credits Fake Sahara desert riders Cholla Cactus, Palm Desert, CA Dateland, AZ Mountainside After Mountainside Until Pico de Cerda (Black & White, BIg Bend National Park) Half way into space Best Friends Running with some music in the ears The Pyramids in Dahshur, Egypt. Bryce Canyon - Overview Panorama (Explored, 24 sept 2018, #356) Slanted Land, San Rafeal Swell, UT 7-13 Cathédrale éphémère Shot by Mary as I videoed Trees, Plants and a Lush Vegetation While Hiking in the Chisos Mountains (Big Bend National Park) Hiking Out of Pine Canyon Crazy Fun Sunrise Over Bishop California & The Owens Valley Best Friends Tacna, AZ Smile! Fox Friend I still haven't found what I'm looking f... oh there it is! A Color Contrast Between Sandstone and Blue Skies (Arches National Park) Seven Magic Mountains Stacked In every lifetime I will find you I Saw Beyond the Blur The Burn 2018
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 landscape, sand, sky, arizona, nature, mountains, cactus, clouds, california, road
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