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180419-N-NG033-1022 180419-N-NG033-1098 150625-N-EH218-059 SPMAGTF-SC Marines conduct evacuation control center training 180414-N-NG033-1287 180412-N-HT134-080 180412-N-GR847-0448 180411-N-NG033-1173 USS Winston S. Churchill fires a Standard Missile (SM) 2. A landing craft, air cushion enters the well deck of USS New York. Utah National Guard Utah National Guard Louisiana National Guard 180317-A-QW629-403 180317-A-QW629-386 180317-A-QW629-325 180317-A-QW629-303 180317-A-QW629-299 180317-A-QW629-285 180317-A-QW629-261 180317-A-QW629-235 180317-A-QW629-218 180317-A-QW629-087 180317-A-QW629-077 180317-A-QW629-072 180317-A-QW629-055 180317-A-QW629-028 180406-N-NG033-1199 180329-N-NG033-1358 180329-N-NG033-1748
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