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U.S. Airmen reflect upon fallen pararescueman during a memorial ruck march at Kadena Air Base U.S. Army helicopters fly in formation during the 25th Infantry Division Review over Schofield Barracks The bridge-crew of the Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Florida (SSGN 728) conducts routine navigation and watch procedures while transiting the Mediterranean Sea. U.S. Army Soldiers conduct a live-fire air assault artillery raid An F-15C Eagle is refueled by a KC-135 Stratotanker Rear Adm. Matthew A. Zirkle and Cmdr. Max Miller lay a wreath at the base of a statue of French navy Adm. Francois Joseph Paul de Grasse. 190923-D-BN624-0085 190923-D-BN624-0103 190923-D-BN624-0145 190923-D-BN624-0229 190923-D-BN624-0239 190923-D-BN624-0283 Crew chiefs discuss the preparation requirements for a 67th Fighter Squadron F-15C Eagle before a mission 190809-D-SV709-0001 191003-D-JH334-0017 191003-D-JH334-0018 190809-D-SV709-0467 190809-D-SV709-0499 190809-D-SV709-0513 190809-D-SV709-0546 190809-D-SV709-0640 190809-D-SV709-0647 190809-D-SV709-0651 190809-D-SV709-0141 190809-D-SV709-0147 190809-D-SV709-0321 190809-D-SV709-0379 190809-D-SV709-0063 190809-D-SV709-0067 190809-D-SV709-0007
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