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Tørke i skoven, 2018 - 00002

Tørke i skoven, 2018 - 00002

Høskoven, Viby J, Aarhus, Denmark

Short video clip showing the effects of the big 2018-drought. Shot with a Panasonic HC-V180 camcorder.

From early may to early august, the rainfall was close to zero. The fields and lawns withered, all use of open flame was prohibited nationwide and this stream, normally quite lively and several meters wide, dried out to just a tiny trickle.

In august, the rain finally came, and - as usual these days - it came with a vengeance. In recent years, there's been a tendency towards too much of everything for extended periods: months without rain, week after week of rainfall every day, one low pressure after another, high winds and storms for weeks and so on.

Snow is becoming a thing of the past. All the way through - what was once - winter, the temperatures hover around 5-8 degrees celsius, low clouds, mist, damp and windy conditions.

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Photo taken on 18 July 2018 (© Lav Ulv / Flickr)

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