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Closeup of fresco medallion depicting Bacchus and a Maenad or Ariadne from Herculaneum Roman 45-79 CE Fuji 160NS-20150405-FS-02 Water Deity Lights On - Holy Trinity Church, Wentworth. Strange Skies - Holy Trinity Church Wentworth Selfie - Infront of Holy Trinity Church, Wentworth. Under the arch. A story told in the hand. Gangaikondacholapuram in perspective Lakshmi goddess Hindu temple Singapore the figure of deva Thai painting Head of a bearded god from Dura-Europos, Syria Limestone 1st century CE possessed, bhaat hands, bhaat Winter In Rotherham - Canon EOS M Ceramic askos with the head of the river god Acheloos, 1 Sri Krishnan temple Beast Keeper A stroll to the castle - Lincoln. Lighting up the cathedral - Lincoln. Lincoln Cathedral. Shrine, Delhi Approximate Deity The Lost Hero:  the Graphic Novel Goddess Kali Kitchen Gods statue angel that left side door Kataragama Statue (IMG_3130b) Terracotta statuette of an enthroned and bearded male deity (detail) Terracotta statuette of an enthroned and bearded male deity Jesus, it's dark here...
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