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Ganesh in the Garden 2019-06-19 23-23-15_DxO 2019-06-19 23-16-38_DxO 2019-06-19 23-16-16_DxO shrine, udaipur Touching  up religious icons crosses all kinds of boundaries Inside one of the secondary buildings at Shwe Yan Pyay Shiva Nataraja Ten-Armed Shiva Hindu Deities Family Portrait of Lord Shiva Varanasi, India Varanasi, India Varanasi, India Varanasi, India Varanasi, India Now this is a bus... Primeval Deities: Coilious Serpentus Helmet with divine figures beneath a bird with outstretched wings Bronze, gold foil over bitumen southwest Iran Middle Elamite period 14th century BCE Shell Inlay depicting combat between a human-headed bull and a lion-headed eagle Mesopotamia Early Dynastic IIIa 2600-2500 BCE Figur des Gottes Thot als Ibis DSC_7180 DSC_7193 Water Bearer Five-Headed Shiva IMG_5054 Six-Body Deity Kallakurichi  - Village Guardian 3D print of the Artemision God Figure and Mary on the clouds by Johan Teyler (1648-1709). Original from The Rijksmuseum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.
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