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Castore The Altar of Relics The Sacristy Madonna with Child and Saints by Giovanni Bellini Chapter House - Monument to Doge Francesco Dandolo Doge Francesco Dandolo and Wife Presented to the Virgin  (1339) The Passing of Mary The ‘Frari’ Cloister Saint Francis Donatello's John the Baptist  (1438) Choir and Altar High Altar and the Chapel of San Giovanni Battista St Francis and the Frari Assumption Presentation of Jesus (in the Temple) Monument to Titian Titian's Tomb and Funerary Monument Titian's Funerary Mounument The Pesaro Madonna Monument to Doge Giovanni Pesaro The Pesaro Chapel Canova's Monument Canova's Tomb Viewing Titian ... The Choir Screen Inside the Frari Church Basilica Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari The Frari Church ... Sunday, outside the Frari Church Around Venice ... Titian's Assunta
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