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Aerial view of white parasols in several rows on a green meadow Ansicht von Schottlands Hauptstadt Edinburgh, historischen, altertümlichen Häuserfassaden, in launischem Wetter Native Ricecakes served for breakfast Window Decorative Flowers Dragon in vintage style Kitchenware collection of a vacation house, Salvador Benedicto Croquet balls in a line White short Fur Background The Tree Domino box Sea Shells isolated on white background DOLE  : Spirit of Hawaii Image taken from page 83 of 'Vane's Story, Weddah and Om-el-Bonain, and other poems' Image taken from page 108 of 'The Dumb Lady: or, The Farriar made Physician, etc. [A comedy, in five acts, and in prose, altered from Molière's “Médecin malgré lui.”]' Nessebar - St John Aliturgetos Church [14th century] Kintamani Festival 2017 Sweet Wooden Heart Supplements 桐花 Vernicia fordii simmetrya Vintage christmas-tree decoration Pumpkin Season... Decorated fence Holiday mood 140 - Vega - The LED-lit Christmas Star Hygiene Church of the Brethren 1880 Image taken from page 182 of 'Poems on several occasions' Image taken from page 219 of 'A Daughter of Our Time, and other stories' Image taken from page 150 of 'Poems on several occasions ... Published [with a dedication, in verse] by Mr. Pope. (Visions [in prose], published in the Spectators, etc.)' Image taken from page 315 of 'Redemption: a divine poem, in six books ... To which is added, a Hymn to Christ the Redeemer'
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