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Carrot and red currant in vintage style Lila Gerber Castlemaine. Buda House Australian pottery exhibition. Vines and grapes jug by  Remued or Preston Premier Pottery.  1930s. Designer Margaret Kerr. Kaffeezeit Cymbidium-Orchidee, Messe Frankfurt 141114 Image taken from page 98 of 'Poems on several occasions' Image taken from page 239 of 'Alt-Kiel in Wort und Bild ... Mit ... Abbildungen und Plänen' Image taken from page 245 of 'Camilla's Girlhood. [A novel.]' Image taken from page 87 of 'The Nobility of Life, its graces and virtues, portrayed in prose and verse by the best writers. Selected and edited by L. Valentine. With twenty-four original pictures printed in colours, elaborate borders, etc' Image taken from page 259 of 'Machpelah: or, lost lives. A novel. By A. G. W' Image taken from page 91 of 'The Birthday Book of Quotations and Autograph Album. Extracts in English, French and German, chiefly from standard authors, etc' Image taken from page 160 of 'The Death Shot. A romance of forest and prairie, etc' Image taken from page 110 of 'Episodes of Life. In poetry and prose ... Edited by ... H. L. Forster. [With portrait.]' Image taken from page 37 of 'Aunt Judy's Song-Book for Children' Image taken from page 377 of 'The Old World in its New Face. Impressions of Europe in 1867-1868. vol. 1' A different sort of sunset Beautiful photomechanical prints of Peony (1887-1897) by Ogawa Kazumasa. Original from The Rijksmuseum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. Brief Garden (IMG_2377b) From one set All ready for christmas dinner!! Halloween 2015 Halloween Dining Covent Garden Portobello Road Christmas Image taken from page 367 of 'Patrycyat i mieszczaństwo lwowskie w XVI. i. XVII. wieku. ... Wydanie drugie ... pomnożone, etc' Image taken from page 83 of 'Vane's Story, Weddah and Om-el-Bonain, and other poems' Image taken from page 326 of '[The Red Rag. A novel. ]' Image taken from page 187 of '[The Red Rag. A novel. ]' Image taken from page 355 of 'The Earth and its Inhabitants. The European section of the Universal Geography by E. Reclus. Edited by E. G. Ravenstein. Illustrated by ... engravings and maps'
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