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Hawaii Pa’u Riders ~ Waimanalo, Hawaii A rainy evening Fall colors on the Dead River Can you feel it, it should make you wanna dance There are two kinds of time: There is the time waiting and the time that hopes. From Jacques Brel Stuck in the future Marquette, Michigan  -- Explored Do not dream your life, live your dream Strömfors Iron Mill Time misleads us Time is hugging us Time is station Time is here. Bubbles in the San Francisco Bay No speed limit Cat chooses it's person Main Street Tobermory A men and his orange rocket Is this safe? Moored Canoes JR Hokkaido 789-1000 Series_HL-1004 Walking on the trail to the lighthouse Towering up into the sky Chicago II ~ Wrigley Building (Chewing Gum Industry) ~ On a Misty Day ~ Historic Dove descending from heaven Smallest Fence Friday ever Old Cobra race car, now electric Come look at me Old Barns Sea of cattle A dream came true Where is my dinner? Walking people
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