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2018-03-17_14-54-08_ILCE-6500_DSC05700 2018-03-17_14-30-13_ILCE-6500_DSC05298 IMG_0222 Details in the Waters Falling (Olallie State Park) 2 of 7th 365: Little does he know Snoqualmie Falls and River (Black & White) South Fork Snoqualmie River Flow Through a Forested Valley (Olallie State Park) #ThelargestInternationalYouthFootballTournamentintheSouthernHemisphere Santa Elena Canyon and the Sierra Ponce Cliffs...and a Whole Lot of Beautiful Mountain Peaks (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) A Walk in Woods (Portraits Orientation) Looking Beyond The Window to Rugged Terrain and Mountain Peaks (Big Bend National Park) Rock Etchings and Seeming Striations Across the Cliff Walls of the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef National Park Folds of the Earth (Big Bend National Park) Yellow Wildflowers While Hiking in the Chisos Mountains (Big Bend National Park) 2018-03-17_15-04-48_ILCE-6500_DSC05931 2018-03-17_14-54-25_ILCE-6500_DSC05707 2018-03-17_14-48-04_ILCE-6500_DSC05575 2018-03-17_13-35-01_ILCE-6500_DSC04927 Mikey Ariel: Closing Notes Choosing a tool... and choosing your moment - Val Grimm Tackling technical debt in the docs - Louise Fahey Learning to love release notes - Anne Edwards Casa Grande and the Peaks of The Pinnacles (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) E14J2746 E14J2751 E14J2810 E14J2812 E14J2918 E14J2958 E14J3024
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