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2015-03-15_15-05-48_ILCE-6000_DSC08476 2015-03-15_14-50-47_ILCE-6000_DSC08361 2015-03-15_14-23-30_ILCE-6000_DSC08148 2015-03-15_14-23-15_ILCE-6000_DSC08145 2015-03-15_14-06-54_ILCE-6000_DSC08031 2015-03-15_12-39-49_ILCE-6000_DSC07953 2015-03-15_12-40-57_ILCE-6000_DSC07954 2015-03-15_12-34-56_ILCE-6000_DSC07938 2015-03-15_12-34-56_ILCE-6000_7938_DxO 2015-03-15_12-29-46_ILCE-6000_DSC06613 2015-03-15_12-07-56_ILCE-6000_DSC07882 2015-03-15_11-05-49_ILCE-6000_DSC07786 Flower Week - Day 2 2016-03-13_16-47-45_ILCE-6000_DSC06629 2016-03-13_16-47-02_ILCE-6000_DSC06627 2016-03-13_16-39-07_ILCE-6000_DSC06600 2016-03-13_15-08-23_ILCE-6000_DSC06270 2016-03-13_14-54-48_ILCE-6000_DSC06155 2016-03-13_10-52-59_ILCE-6000_DSC05919 2016-03-13_10-06-43_ILCE-6000_DSC05847 A Pond with Reflections, Trees and a Gateway Arch (Gateway Arch National Park) Gateway Arch from the Steps of the Old Courthouse (Gateway Arch National Park) The Excitement Was Definitely Present as I Saw Views of Another National Park to Visit... (Gateway Arch National Park) 2018-03-17_15-01-02_ILCE-6500_DSC05848 Views Seen Hiking Back to the Chisos Basin (Black & White, Bend National Park) Tall As It Is Wide! (Gateway Arch National Park) Greens and Yellows Across a Grassy Meadow and Trees (Capitol Reef National Park) Shadows and Sunlight (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) A Changing Landscape Seen While Hiking in Capitol Reef National Park 1216_093908D75_0201-73
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