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Dane-a-thon Dane-a-thon Dane-a-thon Dane Whittet Dane Whittet Dane Whittet and Seth Hebert (Seth Herbert) Dane Whittet Dane Whittet Great Dane and child Great Dane and a Pug Guy Carawan sings at first D.C. anti-Viet War march: 1965 Thousands gather at first mass anti-Viet War rally: 1965 Staughton Lynd denounces Viet War at first mass rally: 1965 Sen Gruening calls for negotiations with Viet Cong: 1965 Sen. Gruening and I. F. Stone on stage at anti-Viet War rally: 1965 Dane Valley S6000120 IMG_8767 IMG_7968.jpg IMG_7659.jpg IMG_7599.jpg Photo 155.jpg IMG_6155.jpg IMG_5958.jpg IMG_4851.JPG IMG_3828.JPG IMG_3323 IMG_3012 IMG_2582 Bessie Jones at the first mass antiwar march on D.C.: 1965
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