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A Hymn of God’s Word, "God Long Ago Determined Man's Fate”

A Hymn of God’s Word,

Share an English gospel song video with you, "God Long Ago Determined Man's Fate”
Almighty God says, “As far as fate is concerned, everyone is independent, and everyone has his or her own fate. So no one’s parents can stave off one’s fate in life or exert the slightest influence on the role one plays in life. It could be said that the family into which one is destined to be born, and the environment in which one grows up, are nothing more than the preconditions for fulfilling one’s mission in life. They do not in any way determine a person’s fate in life or the kind of destiny amidst which a person fulfills his or her mission. And so no one’s parents can assist one in accomplishing one’s mission in life, no one’s relatives can help one assume one’s role in life. How one accomplishes one’s mission and in what kind of living environment one performs one’s role are entirely determined by one’s fate in life.” from “God Himself, the Unique III, God’s Authority (II)”

Image Source: The Church of Almighty God
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Photo taken on 11 November 2019 (© Pamela P. Stroud / Flickr)

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