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Light & Locomotion From behind the waterfall Henrhyd Waterfall Slippery Stairs Old heat pipes room in big workshop. Heat-regulating equipment in the basement of a heated building DSCF6026-1.jpg A stroll in the woods The old diving platform 20191027_114800-X-T2-5562.jpg Two Plus Three Equals Five Emergence Red and drops Monday, 2nd, Thick clouds IMG_6749 19th February 2020 Saturday, 25th, Endless grey days IMG_5378 Friday, 24th, More clouds IMG_5340 Thursday, 23rd, A dismal looking day IMG_5317 Damp Stairs Inside the tower - walls running damp Thursday, 19th, Cloudy start IMG_3800 Tuesday, 17th, So dull and grey IMG_3769 Tuesday, 17th, Dull and grey IMG_3767 Saturday, 7th, Lots of clouds IMG_3490 Monday, 25th, Such a dark and dismal morning IMG_3117 Saturday, 23rd, A grey, grey day IMG_3026 Saturday, 16th, Cloudy skies IMG_2710 Tuesday, 5th, Patches of fog IMG_1967 Saturday, 12th, Dirty looking sky IMG_0796 Just the Succulent Leaves
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 wet, rain, water, green, cold, leaves, dark, fog, leaf, autumn
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