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Johnson Cottage courtesy of CAST Architecture

DADU courtesy Lanefab Design

Smith-Gillman Cottage courtesy of CAST Architecture

People Discuss a DADU in Victoria, BC

People discuss a corner-lot DADU in Victoria, BC

A Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit in Victoria, BC

A Laneway House in Victoria, BC

Seattle DADU - backyard cottage

Craftsman with Backyard Cottage (Converted Garage)

ADU with a View

Accessory Dwelling Unit at the Capitol

Craftsman Carriage House

Alleyway Cottage

Backyard Rental Apartment

Backyard Mother-in-Law Suite

Backyard Cottage

Affordable Rental - Backyard Cottage

Backyard Cottage

Backyard Cottage Rental

Mother-in-Law Rental Option

An Oregon DADU

Oregon Mother-in-Law Home

Building an ADU in Oregon

Converted Garage Apartment







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