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Poor Man's Library

Poor Man's Library

The versatile "Industrial Cabin" by DaD Virtual Living. A free gift in association with Gallant Magazine (must be a member of the magazine, it is free to join.)

Gift vendor is at landing point in Mainstore:

Also shown:
Fire Escape by Urban Jungle
Wooden Wings Ceiling Fan & Long Roman Blinds by Soy
Pottery Shop Retail Stacked Display Shelves by Chic Buildings

Huge Pile of Books by Zerkalo
Row of Books (#3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15), Mesh Antique Books, Dictionary & Thesaurus and Philodendron Plant by Dutchie
Library Bookpile (Tall) by Dysfunctionality
Book Décor (Stack & Short Stack) by DIGS
Antiquarian Books by Fancy Décor
Bookworm Globy by Kopfkino
West Village Live Basil 2/ Terracotta Pot, Billy Ball Stems, Banana Tree, Reading Pile, AF Books, Arts & Crafts Books, Book Arrangements (#1 & 4) by Apple Fall

Charlie Shelves by Cheeky Pea
Clarity Frame w/ Quotes by Ariskea
Writer's Chair (Shabby) by Kunst
Industrial Rope Desk & Hanging Lamps by BackBone
Idioteque Plant Sack by Void
Jay Shelf (1 & 2) by Revival
Wooden Propellor (Plain) by Consignment
Old Books Sign by Floorplan
Wall Cast Iron Lamps by Thor
Disarray Chair (White) by Nutmeg
Wash Tub Stool (Beige) by anc
Industrial Corner Painted Cabinet by Ayla
Jardin Water Mister (Red) by Dahlia
Book Magic, Not So Magical Birdcage by Disorderly
White Dove (Standing) by HEXtraordinary
Faded Rug by Hive

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Photo taken on 11 April 2019 (© Kylie_Jaxxon / Flickr)

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