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Feeling the Beat

Feeling the Beat

Introducing the Fame and Fortune Décor Pack & Mini Cooler Amp by MADRAS, available in April Builder's Box
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Also Shown:
Harry Pottering Shed by Scarlet Creative
West Village Maynard Paneling & Bay Leaf Topiary(3-tier) by Apple Fall
Flowing Notes Wall Decal by Lewis Sharkfin
Flower Bench by Atelier Visconti
Cotton Dresser by Concept
Upcycle Eli's Emporium Piano Shelf - Krescendo
Black Music Notes(Set of 3) & Trumpet Pillow by DaD Virtual Living
Music Co Amp by 7 Emporium
Arpeggi Phonograph by VOID
Vintage Music Room Chair by Zerkalo
Crate of Old Music by Second Spaces
Record Crate by Hideki
Old Music Sheets(Floor) by Nutmeg
Clarity Ceramic Planter by Ariskea
Catching My Love Plant by Haikei

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Photo taken on 15 April 2019 (© Kylie_Jaxxon / Flickr)

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