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OK dad I got this Mum and Dad Sea Gull= Local bird, Marina, San Francisco DSC_0190 Blue Angels Delta good-bye DSC_1585 Blue Angels 5 planes on the big wave DSC_1175_A5_aboveSmoke Blue Angels Diamond DSC_0931 (1) Blue Angels USMC C-130 Support DSC_0873 Blue Angels soloists, #5 rolling back to upright DSC_0990 Blue Angels Delta vertical break - smoke on! DSC_1538 IMGP9520 IMGP9541 Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Tatyana Tatyana Tatyana Nina Ksusha Anastasia Trying out photography United Airlines Boeing 777 -300 N2135U DSC_0055 United Airlines Boeing 777 -300 N2135U DSC_0749 US Navy P-8 Poseidon w/ beacon P-3 Orion DSC_0500 US Navy P-8 Poseidon DSC_0520 US Navy P-8 Poseidon DSC_0590 Blue Angels Diamond horizontal break DSC_1288 Blue Angels Diamond DSC_1287 Blue Angels G-Condensation DSC_1147_ Blue Angels Diamond 2 up 2 down break DSC_1080 Blue Angels soloists DSC_0987
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