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Self Portrait A gift from the Gods of Brewing Common baskettail ( Epitheca cynosura) BeachFootball Drops of Rain Grape hyacinths Beetles in Pastels 3302ex White Peacock Blue 7091ex fiddlehead 14 scharfe Schnegge😉, sharp-snail Mossy encounter Something Old, Something New War Thunder / Glowing Man Mo Tapestry On the Mihail Chemiakin's exhibition Fallen Fibunacci X — the silent scream Mother and Child / Room with a View Juniper hairstreak on giant coneflowers Rain and spring belong together The tea is ready Reminscere Slow Road Victoria Snow Days 9 Invocabit no message in the bottle hope And I Knew Right...
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 bokeh, macro, green, flower, nature, red, canon, leaves, nikon, flowers
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