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hackerspace entropy Mexico 2018-16.jpg vehicles-on-road-3229622 Chambers Street, evening commute. all the little lives Where's the A? Crowded FiDi Selling fish in Soi Sura Sena, Silom Crowded Piazza Navona, Rome - Italy No Space Left Social interaction It's all meaningless An owl cafe near Fushimi Inari- Japan abounds in animal cafes And the usual adult DVD parlour near Fushimi Inari It's actually a pretty strenuous uphill trek down- well up- this road More fantastic landscaping at the Tenryu-ji Zen temple A view of the main Fushimi Inari shrine through the last torii gate I stopped for tea at this local Japanese cafe A look at the other diners in the the traditional Japanese cafe I was amazed that this lady was sipping straight out of the orange! DSCN3660 Unstaged house - WTF a line of umbrellas The roofs of the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel Project 365 #290: 171019 Crowded House Varigated Density Instagram Street, Dumbo Brief video of a street musician playing the Hang or Handpan drum In the Arashiyama bamboo forest- this is the main attraction here
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