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The Lord of the Swamps

The Lord of the Swamps

Don't be fooled by the 18 inches that you see here. He is an 18 foot giant who brooks no challenge. He is Jaws, India's largest captive saltwater crocodile. And he is still growing.

Have you seen the perfect alignment of the crocodile's nostrils, eyes and ears which protrude just above water while the massive body is underneath? Adult males are highly territorial and fight hard for mating rights. See the next photo for how deadly they can be.

Among the crocodiles, salties are among the least threatened as far as conservation is concerned. However, their skin is the most valuable and legal and illegal trade is rampant. The fact that they are dangerous to humans, turn common folk against them and that makes conservation more difficult.

I have been to Jaws' place so many times, but he is always camera shy and I have never got a proper shot of him. Here is another shot of him.

Scientific name: Crocodylus porosus

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Photo taken on 24 July 2005 (© Pandiyan / Flickr)

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