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Baby big eyes

Baby big eyes

West African Dwarf Crocodile
Osteolaemus tetraspis tetraspis

Among the smallest of all crocodiles, reaching 5 or 6 feet at the most, these dwarfs are also among the most aggressive, perhaps to make up for their size. Though they are not as dangerous to humans as their cousins Nile Crocodiles from the same continent.

They have huge eyes, which helps them see well at night, and a blunt upturned snout. They don't bask in the sun so much as other crocs. Other distinguishing feature is heavy armoured ridge in the neck (wonderfully hidden by the photographer in this picture!)

Because of its heavy scaled skin this croc does not yield good leather and is not hunted on that reason. But it is killed for meat by indegenous people which does not threaten the species so much. But habitat loss and weak protective measures because of it lack of commercial value is resulting in reducing numbers and it has been put on the list of 'vulnerable'

These crocs are not so social as muggers or Nile crocodiles and lead solitary lives except during mating season (obviously)

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Photo taken on 8 October 2005 (© Pandiyan / Flickr)

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