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IMG_0871 Beach Babe IMG_0878 Meat Pies at the Strait IMG_0884 IMG_0886  Out back IMG_0890 IMG_0902 It's only 1:00am!?! IMG_0906 Hmmmmmmmmmmmm IMG_0900 Tanker on the Water IMG_4857 Wakin up in YYZ IMG_0909 More Coffee! IMG_0911 Waiting GOPR1115 Coral  Sea Green Turtle IMG_1656 Girl and a Curtain IMG_1639 Tarzan Movie IMG_4853 Sleepin in the 'port.  Oh Yeah!! IMG_4854 Cancelled Flight IMG_0767 IMG_0802 IMG_1866 IMG_1842 IMG_1824 IMG_4835 IMG_1863 IMG_1924 GOPR1171 GOPR1187 IMG_1635 Ellinjaa Falls in the Tablelands IMG_1632 IMG_1652 IMG_1660 Curtain Fig
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 crocodile, reptile, animal, wildlife, australia, alligator, zoo, teeth, water, nature
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