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191211-N-NT795-002 191211-N-NT795-090 191210-N-NT795-888 190703-N-LN093-1104 190703-N-LN093-1071 190527-N-LN093-1130 190606-N-LN093-1099 Aboards the U.S. Coast Guard Island-class patrol boat USCGC Kiska prepare to tow a Mark VI patrol boat 190514-N-LN093-1188 190514-N-LN093-1282 190514-N-LN093-1397 181228-N-VR594-1035 180918-N-MU198-036 180919-N-MU198-037 180917-N-CR519-1026 180816-N-MU198-152 180816-N-MU198-234 Sailors launch a UAV. 200227-N-NT795-158 200123-N-NT795-792 180919-N-MU198-054 180919-N-MU198-105 180626-N-NT795-264 180626-N-NT795-281 180626-N-NT795-289 180626-N-NT795-310 180522-N-NT795-906 Sailors conduct crew-served weapons qualification training in the Philippine Sea during deployment Sailors recover a combat rubber raiding craft from a patrol boat during an exercise. JMSDF and Coastal Riverine Squadron Sailors train together in Guam
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