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Organ [Orgão de tubos] (early XX Th. century) - Augusto Joaquim Claro

Organ [Orgão de tubos] (early XX Th. century) - Augusto Joaquim Claro

Biblioteca Museu Condes Castro Guimarães, Cascais, Portugal

Material: Redwood, tin and lead


Organ built in Braga in the early 20th century, commissioned by count Manuel Castro Guimarães and installed in this room in 1912 Augusto Joaquim Claro - the organ builder and pioneer in Portugal of the pneumatic tubular organ.

Given the large scale, the count choose to diminish the upper floor of this room in the palace, thereby creating the necessary space for the instrument to be installed.

The instrument produced from South pine and painted red has a gold edged decoration and exhibits a neo-romantic taste of french influence. It has a total of 1170 tubes activated by two keyboards and one foot pedal.

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Photo taken on 27 July 2013 (© pedrosimoes7 / Flickr)

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