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Rejilla de ventilación Squares, circles and reflections VINTAGE/FADED Look on video and Photography Farm to Fork Spaghetti olio with tempura prawns! White Star 13 The kitchen guardian fondly remembered 💓 Remembering Ramadan (Aug 2013-Aug 12th 2017)😿 Ulm, Germany. 2016. _DSC0130-Klagenfurt-01 _DSC0142-Klagenfurt-01 _DSC0148-Klagenfurt-01 DSC03543-00- Time Leap *submarine*Grebe with chicks Juvenile squirrels swift reaction to hedgehog Natural beauty Lake Kukkia - Sunrise Waking up to a cool foggy morning Colourful smile - Jo Di Bona 2016 Alien's Mouth Swimmingpool waves August 21 Eclipse from Winter Springs, Florida As close as possible 😺 Kongresshalle, Berlin First Glimpse of Blue Hedgehog, magpies and squirrel: Animal interaction in slow motion (part I)
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 texture, sky, green, tree, nature, cc, landscape, winter, light, leaves
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