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The best of times with Joey. 😺

The best of times with Joey. 😺

Little Joey poses on the wall separating my front yard and the neighbor's.

Today he's become a very different cat and I noticed his behavior slowly change since we adopted the Persian cats which live indoors.

Joey started marking indoors from 2013 after Sheroo the male Persian cat began challenging his position as the alpha cat.

The fact that Toomey is also vying for the alpha cat status isn't helping things as Joey will mark and urinate indoors if his demand for attention isn't fulfilled.

I made a promise to his former humans that I would take very good care of Chico (his original name) when they passed him to me as a kitten. Because of that same promise I have always resisted taking in a new kitten, for fear of hurting his feelings. 😢

I've always wanted to keep Joey indoors all the time (with supervised outdoor play time) but with the Persian cats already ruling the indoors, there's no way Joey will be confined inside the house. 😽

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Photo taken on 7 September 2011 (© stratman² (busy-taking care of Joey) / Flickr)

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