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Zürich Black&White The tragedy of Danish Postnord postman on bike in Copenhagen along the lakes (Søerne) People walking and biking at Assistens Kirkegården. At Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark (København, Danmark) Maternity (1948) - José de Almada Negreiros (1893-1970) The tragedy of Painel Escultórico (1968/1969) - Artur Rosa (1926) 2017 Mint 400 Desert  Race Entering Death Valley from Beatty After the rain Blue Shadow 6 Greta Garbo in the Kiss (1930) - José de Almada Negreiros (1893-1970) Cross the street Danish bus 9A at Christianshavn in the snow. Winter in Copenhagen, Denmark (København, Danmark) The Wave, light installation at Ofelia Plads, Copenhagen (København, Danmark) Relax Self-Portrait (undated) - José de Almada Negreiros (1893 - 1970) Someone left these Crime    Abysmo Azul    Remorso Phisico  ( Trinity College Library Girlfriend + Christmas LED Fairy Lights + Lyngbyvej + Bokeh Evening at Dubai Creek Harbour Untitled (Portrait de l' Argentinita) (1925) - José de Almada Negreiros (1893-1970) Which way should I go? 059-365 Do everything quietly and in a calm spirit STOP! Snow at Christianshavn and the local Irma supermarket, winter in Copenhagen (København, Danmark) Where is the poo? Checking the latest news #2 020-365 Cycling into the darkness
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 texture, sky, green, tree, nature, cc, landscape, winter, light, leaves
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