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Thessalian Geometric pedestalled krater from Iolkos African buffalo - Syncerus caffer Black-backed jackal - Canis mesomelas Black-headed heron - Ardea melanocephala Landing Pad and Dust, variant Saddle-billed stork - Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis Blacksmith lapwing - Vanellus armatus Foggy Nogorongoro crater Foggy Nogorongoro crater hawaii_2018-04-29_05-13_575 hawaii_2018-04-29_05-13_492 Die Mondsichel am schwarzen Nachthimmel The Hiding Moon Sete Cidades Colorful Martian Crater, variant Mt Bailey ? Fields of Clouds Full Moon before the clocks go back October 2018 Gray Crater with Colors, variant Viewpoint near Lodoare Gate Thomson's gazelle  ♀ and  calf - Eudorcas thomsonii Kori bustard - Ardeotis kori A strange sight Grey crowned crane - Balearica regulorum Future Landing Site for 2020 Mission in Jezero Crater on Mars Walking on the edge Side cone, Etna View Inside Capulin Volcano Crater Diamond Head Crater - Oahu - Hawaii Snow-Covered Volcanic Island
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