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California State Fair, 2018 Saying Nothing, That's Enough for Me LES VACHES right place right time thirsty white cow Tending to a Sick Newborn Calf.jpg India series who are you looking at - Seaton Wetlands, Seaton, Devon - 3 June 2018 Heifer Family portret. Calf with ma and auntie Tired of trying to stand up Rollen’ rollin’ rollin’ A Gadaria kids, chichigaontha And What You Lost And What You Had And What You Lost Giant Cowskull Dickens Heath Road, Dickens Heath - cows in a field and hay Dickens Heath Road, Dickens Heath - cow and the unexpected crow When the King of the Mountain Calls... Moove Over Darlin' The tongue - cow On a Tuesday Afternoon in Utah Denver Maybe the Picture of Somebody You Were Hoping I Might Be The Cow And The Trees 4: 27 April 2018 Cool calf buckhorn Black and White Photo
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