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Tractor pull competition Food worker at county fair Surrounded by happiness, yet still kinda blue In the spin of a spinning wheel Superman's plan was to fly in a circle faster than the speed of light, which would bring him back in time Cowgirl at county fair rodeo Cowgirl at county fair rodeo I Found You on a Phone Call Wanted it Free Rose quilt Diamond quilt Cecile Neuebaumer - Indigo Travels DSCF2113 Sylvia Kyle - Shattered Jr. Susan Arnold - Welcome To My Birdhouse Sue Garcia - Multnomah Falls Julie Mcauliffe - All Cooped Up Sue Garcia - Monet's Water Lilly Pond Judith Meyer - Jazzy Cats Irene Buchner - Pink & Red Roses Sylvia Kyle - Feather Rainbow squares quilt Route 66 quilt Zinnia quilt Gale Green - Diamond quilt Glenda Freiberg - Thanksgiving Runner Glenda Freiberg - Thanksgiving Runner (detail) Eight-sided star quilt Glenda Freiberg - Santa in the Trees Janice Kelber - Miss Who
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